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Frequently asked questions

Why can you guarantee results unlike other programs?

I can NOT guarantee results! This is the stock market and nothing is guaranteed! However, I guarantee that if you don't make money then you get a refund. However, with a 90% win rate, losing won't happen often.

Can it really work for someone who works full-time?

Yes! This program is specifically designed to help people who work full-time and have a family. The alerts can be automated and don't need to be entered instantly!

What's the recommended account size?

You need roughly $1,000 to cover the monthly cost of the program (at a 10% return a month), but the recommended account size is $1,500. Our users have an average account size of $2,000.

How many trade alerts are sent a week?

I send out roughly 1-3 trades a week. These trade alerts are not time sensitive which means you can easily follow them and profit even if you work full-time and can't place the trade until the next day.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription at anytime using your member portal or emailing support at!

(Enrollment opens in 241 Days 🤑)

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